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1950’S BELGIUM PARA SMOCK. Excellent condition Belgium para smock dated ‘1956’. Camouflage finish. Some wear overall but generally good with zip and pop studs working correctly. Large comfortable size. At least 46 inch chest with long arms. Complete with its crotch flap copied from the British Denison smock of WWII.
BRITISH 1949 DATED INNISKILLING DESPATCH RIDERS HELMET. A highly interesting just post war ‘1949’ dated British Despatch Riders helmet. The exterior skull is painted in an army green identical to British vehicle paint of the period, slight abrasions to the crown, applied to the front is a beautiful decal with the regimental name ‘Inniskilling’ above the insignia being the castle of Inniskilling with number ‘27’ below. The interior liner is all complete, original owner’s initials applied, size ‘7¼’ with date ‘1949’.
BRITISH BATTLEDRESS UNIFORM SET. A nice set all to the same man being a 49 pattern battledress in a good large size 9 in excellent condition with nap of cloth good with one or two tiny moth nips with original Royal Signal’s and Divisional badges to the upper arms. The trousers that compliment the jacket are in the same state again with one or two tiny moth nips however this is now stable and treated. These are again in a good large size, number 7, and dated ‘1951’. Complimenting the outfit is the original soldier’s webbing belt with deep green blanco with his name and number upon it.
BRITISH MARK 4 STEEL HELMET. A good and hard to find untouched early example of the mark 4 helmet having 90% of its roughened olive finish with some rust bleed and a small area of chipping. It is clear that a camouflage net lain upon this helmet for many years and the dust outline is very clear to the dome. The interior is in the same condition with an original early type snap in lining dated '1952'. The chin strap is the early type. The helmet is dusty and untouched and is very typical of a helmet that would have been worn during the Korean War.
BRITISH POST WAR UNUSUAL FLAG. A 90 x 50 cms one-piece printed flag, which encompasses pre printed Union flag to the top left hand side and to the lower right a set of crossed swords. Still with its canvas selvage edge and toggle. Some minor distress in areas of the flag. The flag was introduced prior to the Suez operations for Her Majesty’s armoured vessels. Good colours. Many printed abbreviations to the selvage edge, which are unidentifiable.
BULGARIAN STEEL HELMET. An interesting steel helmet of Bulgarian manufacture that closely resembles that of the Italian pattern. The helmet itself shows multiple issues and what makes it particularly interesting is the red Communist star to the front, which has been neatly painted round with a mid pea green paint. There is a small number decal to the side, possibly of unit significance. Helmets such as these, although have been relatively plentiful are now appearing harder and harder to find in an interesting original configuration.
FALKLANDS CONFLICT GENERAL MENENDEZ CLOAK CLASPS. Two cloak clasps taken from the cloak of Brigadier General Menendez after his surrender in Port Stanley on the 14th June 1982. Both clasps measuring 38mm in circumference, nicely struck with ‘Republica Argentina’ with a Coat of Arms within a laurel leaf to the centre. Both shanks complete with old 1980 label attached ‘Brig-Gens Menendez cloak clasps Pt.Stanley 1982’ and on the reverse side a, what would appear to be, museum accession number.
POST WAR IRAQI PARATROOPER SMOCK. An intriguing item being a souvenir of the first Gulf War. These smocks can be seen in numerous photographs from the period of the first Gulf War through to recent Gulf conflict. This smock is interesting in many respects being made from a very close copy of British DPM camouflage fabric but cut in the older Denison style with flap pockets, a full length zip, woollen cuffs and the tail to the reverse. Denison refinements include legs snaps for tightening the waist hem. Excellent condition garment with just a little surface rubbing to areas of the screen printed cloth, all complete throughout and very likely of Asian fabrication for the Iraqi Government. The zip is a YKK heavy duty zip. These were worn by Iraqi paratroopers and Republican Guard elements. Camouflage was a sign of elite status amongst Iraqi forces and this item makes them most intriguing collectable for both the modern warfare collector and the parachute smock collector.
ROYAL NAVAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT AND SWORD SLINGS. A set of leather waist belt and sword slings for an early ER2 Royal Naval officer, marked in gold behind the buckle to the leather ‘By Special Appointment to His Majesty The King Gieves Limited’. The buckle has an ER2 style crown and we would date this around 1953 to 54.
U.S. BALLISTIC NAPE PAD. A scarce helmet accessory being the ACU pad made of Kevlar which fits to the rear of the current U.S. helmet. This is in its original packet with full instructions including an issue label. There is a little wear to the label otherwise the item is perfect and still sealed in the packet. A difficult accessory to find to complete the helmet.
U.S. BLACK HAWK COMMUNICATIONS POUCH. Black Hawk are one of the best known makers of modern tailor made military equipment, this Black Hawk pouch is the rare walkie talkie pouch that holds a number of communication systems. The condition is mint and unused. A rare item.
U.S. DELTA/COMBAT APPLICATIONS A-TACS CHEST RIG. Little is known about the uniforms worn by the Tier 1 SS members of the Combat Applications Unit, however it is known that they wear A-Tacs camouflage. This vest came directly from the United States via one of our contacts and came from Virginia where it was used by a Special Forces soldier. The item is made by the Company Tactical Performance who produce some of the highest grade combat kit. The item is in mint unissued condition with all Velcro press studs working correctly. The rig appears unused and has no grazing or discoloration whatsoever and the workmanship is of the highest quality. The item is to hold magazines and box mags.
U.S. VIETNAM WATERPROOF PISTOL COVER BAG. A scarce small accessory which would display well with small arms being the bag for waterproofing a pistol or personal effects. This is clearly 'DSA' marked and marked in a size '1'.
U.S.A. LADIES M.51 JACKET. A rare item being a ladies olive drab model 51 jacket, worn in the Vietnam War, size 18 regular. Its original label. Superb condition, hardly worn. Condition:
U.S.AIR FORCE VIETNAM WAR AIR CREW SURVIVAL KIT OUTER BAG. The outer bag that contained many elements of the survival kit, this had a quick release handle which is still present. The item is a typical Air Force grey/sage green waterproof lined throughout. The item within a small pocket has two service tag records still present showing a 1971 test and a manufacturing date of '66'.
US VIETNAM WAR UNDER ARM LIFE PRESERVER. A very scarce item that would be worn by jet pilots during operations in the skies of the Vietnam War, this particular item is used and has the airman's name and number inked to the back. The two pockets appear full with their contents etc., All belts are present, there is some light soiling and a little wear, however no fraying or holes to the unit. An excellent item to complete the air crew display.
VIETNAM LOCALLY MADE BOONIE HAT. This is one of the absolute classics: the poplin boonie hat and is a very loose copy of the issue version. The hat itself shows typical Vietnamese characteristics: large eyelets and multiple stitching to the brim. The lining is of the typical cheesecloth type Vietnamese material and the inner of the hat is made from multiple pieces of green fabric some of which are very dark with a bluey hint: this is typical of ARVN garments. These hats would have been made and sold to soldiers who required a second hat or had not been issued the standard hat at the time. The eyelets are somewhat rusty and there have been some well-executed repairs using glue to hold them in place, however they are fragile. Nonetheless the hat remains an essential item of Vietnam War headdress.
VIETNAM LOCALLY MADE BOONIE HAT. An exceptional boonie hat manufactured in Vietnam by a sweat shop type tailor. The hat has clearly been constructed using scraps of uniform. The exterior of the hat is made from Ripstop green fabric, one can clearly see where lines of stitching have been and the item has been recycled. To the front rim is an excellent Vietnamese machine embroidered name, the name being 'Todd' and the nature of the embroidery being absolutely typical of Vietnamese tailors. The eyelets, as ever, are poorly fitted. The interior of the hat is made from scraps of cloth these appear to be of ARVN origin. The chin strap is present. There is a good pink size stamp of '59' stamped to the interior, which again is of typical Vietnamese manufacture. A nice personalised item of Vietnam War headdress. XJLP
VIETNAM WAR ERDL PONCHO LINER BOONIE HAT. An extremely scarce locally made boonie hat made from the poncho liner, this was a lightweight nylon insulator, which was used for sleeping in tropical conditions under the camouflage poncho. These were used to manufacture these early hats. This hat shows all characteristics of typical Vietnamese production with the pink brocade head band, quilted black nylon lining and the use of spot camouflage for the reinforcing edging to the cap. There is multi stitching throughout and some wear and grease and the usual excellent salty appearance of a period item of headdress from the Vietnam conflict. XJLP
VIETNAM WAR PERIOD THAI MADE BOONIE HAT. A fascinating Boonie hat clearly made for Air Force personnel stationed in Thailand. To the front is an excellent printed Land of the King Cobra, Takli Air Base patch, zigzag stitched and to the side an arch in multi coloured Thailand. The hat clearly early and very much in the French style, multi stitched throughout the lining is made of re-used parachute silk and interestingly there is a good clear Thai maker's stamp to the interior and a size mark of '5'. Both sides are press stud attached and there are the typical alloy oriental eyelets in place. The hat is lightly worn with some minor fading, however very presentable with no obvious fraying, press studs working correctly. The motto to the patch reads 'Land of the King Cobra', this area was invested with king cobra snakes and this air base has an interesting history stretching back to the 50's when American CAA involvement with the Thai's took place from the base and throughout the Vietnam War, we estimate this to be an early Vietnam piece, probably dating from approximately 62 when a large American presence arrived at the base.
VIETNAM WAR U.S.A.F HGU 7/P FLYING HELMET. A scarce lightweight helmet introduced in 59 and was used by transport, liaison, trainer and forward air controllers. The helmet is in very lightly used but super condition throughout with very little in the way of scratches and just a little ivory discolouring to the strengened plastic form. The original front peak is in place and the lining has its complete simple foam padding, which would have gone over a cap. The full label and large size ticket are present and there is a manufacturers code of '1969'. The unit is complete with both ear pieces, boom mike and jack plugs.
VIETNAMESE ARVN WATER BOTTLE. A Vietnamese produced copy of the American canteen with the designation and heating instructions written in Vietnamese. To the base a good clear '68' date. The original cap is present, however it has been perforated. This item was used as a shaker bottle on a Vietnamese food stall and was purchased approximately 5 years ago by a visitor. To the reverse is a designation of '176' neatly incised to the back, this is most likely a unit or soldier's number. XJLP